As good a listener as she is a leader, Seraph-Eden Boroditsky, offers space for dialogue and discussion as she guides both individuals and groups through necessary social justice strategies. She provides communication support so one can confidently articulate what they are feeling both privately and publicly. Passionate and direct, she offers concrete paths toward your individual and/or group’s goals. Seraph approaches her work with compassion and an ever-present sense of humour that safely encourages growth within yourself and/or your group.

~Carson Nattrass, Artistic Director, Rainbow Stage

“Guided Conversations Canada provided the framework for our staff and board members to have the often difficult conversations necessary to begin making true organizational change. Seraph-Eden approaches the sensitive subject matter with humility, humour, and directness making it accessible and fostering deep discussion and learning. Whether the participants in our group had a great deal of social justice experience and knowledge of Canadian social history or they were approaching it for the first time, GCC provided a welcome space to make mistakes, learn and leave with the tools and better understanding to approach our work in an educated and more equitable way.”

~Kate Supleve, Director of Advancement, Musical Stage Co.

“Seraph developed a program that not only gave us all permission to look into our collective community past, but also gave us the opportunity to express our own personal emotions — guilt, grief, shame, sadness, astonishment — but also hope for a new future together and an understanding that our past is a part of us, but it doesn’t have to be all of us. It’s how we look forward that will define us.”

~Shelly Smith-Hines, former Director of Development, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.