Reconciliation, Anti-Racism and Social Justice strategy sessions, and Cultural Workshops (all ages) for the Arts, Educational Institutions, Non-Profit Organizations, Companies, Community Groups and the Individual.

These sessions were created to help you DO. THE. WORK.

No matter where you are in your journey of anti-racism, anti-colonization, equity, diversity and inclusion, (or any other words you want to use encompassed by social justice work), we hit the basics and then dive deeper in order to reduce harm and strategize tangible solutions and best practices with staff, boards, and interested people.

These sessions were created with a component unique to Canada that discusses the historical relationship Indigenous Peoples of Canada have with the Crown. Outside of Canada, anti-racism training sessions, including discussions to enhance intercultural communication skills and strategies for implementing authentically anti-racist programming or recruitment is available. Please see the What We Offer page and/or send us a message for more information!

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